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Doom: The Dark Ages Set for 2025 Release On PC, PS5, and Xbox Series

Doom: The Dark Ages Set for 2025 Release On PC, PS5, and Xbox Series  Thumbnail

Step back in time with the prequel to the hit 2016 Doom game, ready to invade your current-gen systems in 2025.

Doom fans buckle up, there’s a new chapter in the saga heading your way. The much anticipated prequel to the 2016 version of Doom, dubbed Doom: The Dark Ages, has officially been announced for a 2025 release.

This thrilling delve into the Doomverse transports players into an era before the action-packed events of the 2016 hit. To be made available on PC, Sony's PS5, and Microsoft's Xbox Series, the upcoming game already has the gaming community buzzing with excitement with its promise of offering a whole new perspective to the classic game's familiar universe.

Doom: The Dark Ages, belongs to the illustrious lineage of its predecessor, hailing from Doom 2016. As a crucial extension to the existing franchise, the game will provide an essential backstory that would continue to expand on the vast world of the game.

With news only just breaking, further details about the game remain under wraps for now. The gaming community across the globe eagerly awaits further details about this prequel that has the potential to significantly enrich the narrative of the acclaimed Doom series.

Some good news amongst the long wait; you can get a sneak peek of what's in store by clicking on the official trailer for Doom: The Dark Ages here.

As fans eagerly anticipate their chance to play Doom: The Dark Ages, all eyes are on 2025 for the official roll-out date.

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