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DOOM's New Chapter To Unleash Hell On Both Xbox and PS5

DOOM's New Chapter To Unleash Hell On Both Xbox and PS5 image

Guess who decided to play nice with both consoles? Doom.

In a surprising twist that has gamers buzzing, the upcoming DOOM installment isn't just sticking to one gaming platform. According to insider NateTheHate, the new game will be making its fiery debut on both Xbox and PS5. Fans of the series will be thrilled to know that this official announcement is set to drop this June.

Hell Awaits Both Xbox and PS5 Players

This development marks a significant move for the franchise, expanding its reach to a broader audience by embracing multiple consoles. While insiders typically keep their cards close, NateTheHate has given this juicy piece of information to stir the excitement just in time for summer.

A June Revelation

Yes, you read that right. We won't have to wait long for more details, as the full reveal is slated for June. Keep your eyes peeled and your consoles ready. It looks like the gates of hell will be opening wide on both Xbox and PS5, inviting all players to join the chaos.

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