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Diablo IV Sets New Game Pass Record for Most Hours Played

Diablo IV Sets New Game Pass Record for Most Hours Played image

In a gaming feat, Diablo IV marks the highest playtime record on Game Pass during its first ten days.

Gamers over the globe have shown significant interest in Diablo IV since its addition to the Game Pass subscription. The game racked up over 10 million hours of playtime in just the first ten days after its release. This impressive milestone sets a new record among Game Pass games, surpassing even those from Microsoft itself.

The high engagement level with Diablo IV reinforces the game's popularity and the successful move of its inclusion in the Game Pass subscription service. It further shows players' dedication and commitment to immersive gaming experiences that Diablo IV provides.

While it’s early days for this new entrant in the Game Pass service, the initial response and engagement rate look promising. As more players continue to explore Diablo IV, it’s worth keeping an eye on further records and milestones that the game may achieve in the future.

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