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Diablo IV Breaks Game Pass Record for Most Hours Played

Diablo IV Breaks Game Pass Record for Most Hours Played image

Game Pass subscribers dedicate over 10 million hours to Diablo IV within its first ten days of availability.

In a significant achievement, Diablo IV has managed to set a new high for the Microsoft's Game Pass service. Within the first ten days following the game's addition to Game Pass, players dedicated more than 10 million hours to explore the dark and grim world of Diablo IV. This impressive feat marks the largest time investment seen for any game offered by Microsoft's service.

This underlines the immense popularity of Diablo IV, as well as the immense value of the Game Pass subscription service, often hailed as the "Netflix for videogames". With its vast array of titles from various developers, including those from Microsoft itself, subscribers have countless hours of entertainment at their fingertips. Despite this broad selection, Diablo IV has managed to rise and set a record-breaking performance.

For more details on the Diablo IV's record-breaking performance on Game Pass, see the full article on Xbox Era.

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