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Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 Launches June 13 - New Mission, Enemies, and More!

Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 Launches June 13 - New Mission, Enemies, and More! Thumbnail

Get ready to rock and dig deeper, but don't drop your pickaxe!

Deep Rock Galactic is gearing up for an exciting fifth season starting June 13th on Steam, with console players getting their share of the action a few weeks later. This season introduces a brand new mission, fresh in-game event, new enemy types, and an additional difficulty level. Plus, players will have the opportunity to revisit and replay content from previous seasons, ensuring there's always something new to explore.

Developers recently released a detailed overview in both a video and a Steam post, outlining the exciting changes and features players can expect.

Highlights of Deep Rock Galactic Season 5:

- New Mission: Dive into uncharted territories and face brand-new challenges.

- New Event: Participate in an exciting new event with plenty of rewards.

- New Enemies: Prepare yourself for a fresh roster of adversaries.

- New Difficulty Level: Test your skills with an even more challenging gameplay mode.

- Previous Seasons Content: Enjoy the ability to replay content from past seasons.

Mark your calendars for June 13th and get ready for a deeper, richer mining experience in Deep Rock Galactic. Whether you're a roving dwarf veteran or a newcomer looking to desert the surface world, Season 5 promises thrills and challenges aplenty.

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