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Dead Space Review

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Screams in Vacuum, now in 4K

The 2023 remake of the iconic survival horror game Dead Space marks a triumphant return, modernizing the beloved 2008 original while preserving its chilling core. Developed by Motive Studio, this remake breathes new life into the deep-space terror of the USG Ishimura with enhanced graphics, refined gameplay, and a meticulously reimagined story. The game invites players to retrace the bloodied zero-gravity steps of Isaac Clarke, an engineer fighting for survival against the grotesque Necromorphs, all underpinned by a narrative steeped in mystery and dread.

Gameplay 8

The gameplay of Dead Space (2023) is a careful blend of horror, puzzle-solving, and strategic dismemberment combat that stays true to the original's roots while enhancing player immersion with modern mechanics. The remake introduces a more fluid combat system, allowing for smoother transitions between shooting and melee, which is critical given the game's emphasis on strategic dismemberment of the Necromorphs. The integration of new suit abilities and upgrades adds depth to the gameplay, making Isaac's journey through the haunted corridors of the Ishimura feel fresh yet familiar.

Players will find the resource management to be as tight as ever, with ammunition and health supplies remaining scarce, compelling players to think carefully about every shot. The engineering puzzles have also been revamped, offering new challenges that require both clever problem-solving and quick reflexes. These gameplay elements are balanced with superb pacing, where quiet, tension-building segments burst into frenetic encounters, keeping players constantly on their toes.

Graphics 10

Graphically, Dead Space (2023) is a marvel of the horror genre, pushing the capabilities of modern consoles and PCs to their limits. The lighting effects, in particular, are noteworthy, creating an atmosphere filled with deep shadows and stark contrasts that amplify the horror. The meticulous attention to detail in the environment design—from the flickering lights and blood-stained walls of the Ishimura to the horrifically transformed Necromorphs—enhances the game's immersive quality.

The character models have received significant upgrades, with Isaac's suit displaying real-time damage and environmental effects. These visual enhancements not only contribute to the aesthetic but also serve the gameplay by providing visual feedback on Isaac’s condition and the impact of environmental hazards.

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Storyline 9

The storyline of Dead Space (2023) follows the narrative arc of the original but expands on it with additional depth and context, exploring the origins and implications of the Marker and the Necromorph plague with greater clarity. The storytelling is further enriched by improved voice acting and motion capture performances, bringing the characters to life with more emotional impact.

The remake takes care to fill in some of the narrative gaps left by the original, offering a richer backstory for the crew of the Ishimura and deeper insights into Isaac’s personal stakes in the unfolding horror. This approach not only satisfies long-time fans with its faithful adherence to the original plot but also welcomes new players with its accessible and engaging narrative.

Multiplayer N/A

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Issues and Community Feedback

While Dead Space (2023) has been critically acclaimed, it is not without its issues. Some players have reported technical glitches such as frame rate drops and audio desyncs, particularly on older versions of the current generation consoles. Additionally, although the enhanced narrative adds depth, some purists argue that the expansions and modifications to the story detract from the simplicity and directness of the original game's plot.

Conclusion 9

Dead Space (2023) successfully resurrects the horror of the original game with a masterful modern touch, making it a must-play for both newcomers to the series and veteran fans. The overall score reflects its strengths in gameplay, stunning graphics, and a compelling storyline, alongside a few manageable technical issues.

Pros and Cons

  • Stunning graphics
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Enhanced story
  • Occasional bugs
  • No multiplayer

Player Quotes

"I've never jumped so much in fear in my life!"

"The Ishimura has never felt so real, so terrifying."

"Wish they had added new gameplay features, feels a bit too safe."

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