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Cult of the Lamb Adds Local Co-Op and More in Free Update

Cult of the Lamb Adds Local Co-Op and More in Free Update Thumbnail

Laugh your way to victory with a new goat buddy in this devilishly fun expansion, available soon.

Big News for Cult of the Lamb Fans!

Cult of the Lamb is about to get even better with a free update called Unholy Alliance. Mark your calendars for August 12, because that's when you can begin your dark adventures with a friend by your side.

Co-Op Fun Awaits

In this latest update, you'll meet a new character—a goat. But this isn't just any goat. This one can be controlled by a second player to help you on your quest. Imagine having a buddy to share the fun and chaos with, as you take on the game's numerous challenges together.

Even More Content

Alongside the introduction of co-op play, Unholy Alliance will also bless (or curse) your game with new buildings, relics, Tarot cards, and quests. There’s plenty of fresh content to explore, giving both veterans and newcomers loads of reasons to dive back in.

Get Ready

So gear up for August 12, and get ready to dive into all the exciting features that Unholy Alliance has to offer. With so much new content and the addition of local co-op, Cult of the Lamb is about to become more addictive than ever.

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