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Cost Calculation: Building an Xbox Series X Equivalent PC

Cost Calculation: Building an Xbox Series X Equivalent PC image

Breaking down the cost of constructing a PC with specs mirroring that of Xbox Series X

Gaming portal [GamingBolt](hyperlink) has estimated the total cost of building a PC that matches the specifications of Microsoft's gaming console, Xbox Series X.

The central processing unit (CPU) chosen for this task is the Intel i5-13400F, which is priced at $160. With its 10-core configuration, it potentially outruns the performance of the Xbox Series X's CPU. A slightly enhanced performance is necessary for the smooth operation of Windows.

Next up in the list is the graphics processing unit (GPU). An RTX 3060 equipped with ray tracing support and 8GB of GDDR5 memory is chosen for $275 - $300. It offers performance equivalent to 12 Teraflops – comparable with Xbox Series X.

The other crucial components included in the PC build are:

- A Corsair Vengeance DDR4 with 16GB capacity costing $40

- An MSI H610M-G motherboard priced at $80

- Cooler Master MWE Gold 850 V2 power supply for $95

- Samsung 990 EVO storage for $84. Considering the architecture of Xbox and lack of API DirectStorage technology support in many PC games, the Xbox Series X consoles will likely outpace the constructed PC in terms of loading speed.

- And finally, a Zalman Z7 NEO ATX Tower case for $80

The total cost of building a PC that encompasses the robust specifications of an Xbox Series X gaming console, therefore, comes up to $839. This estimate provides a cost-efficient and intriguing alternative for gamers considering investing in the new gaming console. This comparison demonstrates that building a gaming PC could be not only a viable but also an affordable route for gamers.

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