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Cheating Scandal: EngineOwning Ordered to Pay Activision $14.4 Million

Cheating Scandal: EngineOwning Ordered to Pay Activision $14.4 Million image

Apparently cheating doesn't pay... except for the lawyers who got a nice payday.

Court Ruling Favors Activision in 2022 Lawsuit Against Cheat Software Provider

Activision has emerged victorious in its legal battle against EngineOwning, a company notorious for distributing cheat software for various games. The lawsuit, filed back in 2022, has concluded with a stern court ruling mandating EngineOwning to cough up a whopping $14.4 million in damages and legal fees.

Activision's Fight Against Unfair Play

This legal showdown marks a significant win for Activision in its ongoing campaign against unfair gaming practices. The court's decision reflects a growing intolerance for companies that enable gamers to gain unjust advantages through unauthorized software.

EngineOwning's Financial Reckoning

EngineOwning, the defendant in this high-profile case, has been held responsible for both compensating Activision's losses and covering the extensive legal expenses incurred during the trial. This financial penalty is a stern warning to other entities considering similar operations.

A Tough Lesson in Fair Play

The outcome is a stark reminder that tampering with the integrity of gaming experiences can lead to severe repercussions. By enforcing this verdict, the court has sent a clear message that cheating does indeed come at a steep price.

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