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Capcom Working on New Resident Evil Game

Capcom Working on New Resident Evil Game image

Put on your shocked faces, folks - Capcom is at it again with a new Resident Evil game.

From the wizards at Capcom comes the announcement that they are busy working on a new game in their wildly popular Resident Evil franchise. This news has surely got fans of the franchise waiting in eager anticipation for more details.

The director of this new game is none other than Koshi Nakanishi, who fans might recognize as the lead developer of Resident Evil 7. His involvement promises us an exciting, high-quality game experience that we've come to expect from the Resident Evil series.

In the absence of more detailed information, fans are left to speculate about what this new game might hold. Will it continue the story from Resident Evil 7, or will it introduce us to entirely new heroes and villains? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more announcements from Capcom regarding this exciting new project.

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