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Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone’s Next Crossover: Fallout Edition

Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone’s Next Crossover: Fallout Edition image

Because nothing says post-apocalyptic wasteland like dual-wielding laser rifles against zombies in Verdansk.

A Vault Dweller’s Playground Awaits

In a surprising blend of wasteland and warzone, data miners have unearthed a tantalizing new addition to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warzone. The upcoming collaboration features none other than the post-apocalyptic universe of Fallout.

Tracer Pack – Vault Dweller in Action

The rumored Tracer Pack – Vault Dweller brings with it the iconic style of the Fallout series. Players will be encouraged to leave the Vault and venture into the chaotic battlefields fully adorned in Fallout-inspired gear. This thematic add-on introduces four unique operator skins, each embodying the rugged, survivalist aesthetic for which Fallout is celebrated.

Modern Warfare enthusiasts and survivors of the post-apocalypse alike can expect a blend of the two worlds, crafting a gaming experience that blends the gritty realism of Call of Duty with the retro-futuristic charm of Fallout. Prepare to dive into the fray and relive the thrill of the wasteland, right from the safety of your gaming setup.

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