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Bloodborne May Soon Be Playable on PC, FromSoftware Hints

Bloodborne May Soon Be Playable on PC, FromSoftware Hints image

While eager fans await the potential PC arrival of the beloved Bloodborne, FromSoftware expresses support but hands the decision to PlayStation.

FromSoftware's critically acclaimed title, Bloodborne, may be heading to PCs if recent remarks from company director Hidetaka Miyazaki are anything to go by. In a recent statement, Miyazaki displayed openness towards developing a PC version of the popular RPG but emphasized the decision lies primarily with PlayStation, not FromSoftware.

Miyazaki expressed his desire for as many people as possible to play the studio's games, indicating FromSoftware's commitment to broaden audience reach. His remarks indicate that the possibility of Bloodborne gracing our PCs isn't off the table just yet.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a game has been hindered by commercial agreements. Bloodborne, much like its contemporaries, suffers from being the prisoner of its platform, a fate many other games in industry history have shared, where outdated hardware serves as a bane to potential advancements and expansive reach.

While the decision of porting Bloodborne to the PC solely remains with PlayStation, fans may hold on to a glimmer of hope for the RPG to eventually make its way to another platform. Until an official announcement is made, players will have to stay tuned for updates on the potential PC debut of this much-loved game.

With no links provided for this news update, readers are encouraged to stay updated on news from official PlayStation outlets regarding the matter.

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