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Black Ops 6: Available to Regular Game Pass Subscribers on Consoles, with a Twist

Black Ops 6: Available to Regular Game Pass Subscribers on Consoles, with a Twist  image

Regular Game Pass holders buckle up! You can now play the new Black Ops 6 - but it's story mode only. More under the Game Pass Ultimate.

Game Pass subscribers on consoles will now be given the chance to engage fully with Black Ops 6, but will be restricted to the narrative campaign. The entire set of features, including Multiplayer and Zombie modes, however, are exclusively accessible for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Black Ops 6, similar to its recent predecessors, will add its flair to the common Call of Duty HQ hub that acts as the meeting point for the series' many chapters. Players should note though, that all gaming modes will require a constant network connection.

In a first in recent years, the beta test for multiplayer will be released simultaneously across all gaming platforms. As such, the beta test is expected to offer a major point of interest for avid gamers given it will be a comprehensive testing phase on various consoles.

This development can be seen as Xbox increasing its value proposition especially for the Ultimate Game Pass holders while keeping the option open for regular subscribers to enjoy the narrative campaign at a lesser cost. The move is both strategic and accommodating, keeping in mind the different subscriber profiles that form the Xbox gaming community.

Gamers are surely now eagerly waiting for further announcements on the release date of the new Black Ops chapter, and the new world of guerrilla warfare it promises to unfold.

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