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Black Myth: Wukong Xbox Release Possibly Delayed Due to Exclusive Deal

Black Myth: Wukong Xbox Release Possibly Delayed Due to Exclusive Deal image

This much-anticipated title might not magically appear on Xbox anytime soon

The much-awaited Black Myth: Wukong release could experience a delay on the Xbox platform due to an exclusive deal with another platform, suggests a statement from Microsoft. According to a report by Windows Central, the tech giant is still excited about the game's launch on their platform and continues to collaborate with Game Science for its transfer.

Microsoft's representatives stress, *"We are unable to comment on any deals made by our partners with other platforms. However, our commitment remains to provide the best gaming platform for gamers, which includes excellent games as our primary goal."*

Earlier this month, it became known that Black Myth: Wukong wouldn't roll out concurrently on Xbox Series and other platforms, as the developers are still working on the game's optimization for Xbox. There's even a possibility for platform users to wait a year or more. Game Science has not excluded the possibility that the Xbox release might be postponed due to an exclusive agreement with another party, delaying the delight of Xbox gamers even further.

The news sparks curiosity and anticipation as fans of the widely celebrated game and Microsoft's gaming console eagerly await further updates. Only time will tell when and where the Black Myth: Wukong will land next.

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