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Bethesda's Todd Howard Reveals Insights on Elder Scrolls 6 Engine

Bethesda's Todd Howard Reveals Insights on Elder Scrolls 6 Engine image

Bethesda's boss Todd Howard lends further insight on the choice and modification of the Elder Scrolls 6's engine, Creation Engine.

In a recent interaction, Todd Howard, MD at Bethesda, said they opted to stick with their proprietary Creation Engine for the next Elder Scrolls RPG. This decision was motivated by practical perspectives and the game’s need to support an extensive array of modifications.

Moreover, they thought the engine was an ideal choice for the genre. Bethesda's team is committed to maintain mod support, which lends to the engine's robustness and suitability for the said RPG.

Furthermore, he pointed out that improvements were made to the Creation Engine while developing the sci-fi adventure game, Starfield. The glitches and minor issues faced during this time have now given birth to a more refined version of the Creation Engine. This enhanced variant is what’s being utilised in the development of Elder Scrolls 6.

Asked whether procedural generation, a game design method often used in world creation, will feature in the forthcoming game, Howard vaguely stated that it’s always been one of the many tools used during game-making. This hints that Elder Scrolls 6 could possibly boast of this feature.

By sticking to their time-tested engine and incorporating critical improvements based on their previous experiences, Bethesda, under Howard's leadership, seems to be ensuring a consistent and immersive gaming experience for Elder Scrolls 6. It also reflects the firm's diligence in catering to the players' expectations and demands, such as extensive mod support.

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