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Avowed Shifts Gears to Unreal Engine 5.3

Avowed Shifts Gears to Unreal Engine 5.3 image

The RPG you’re stoked about just got a fancy engine upgrade, courtesy of some friendly developers.

In a thrilling revelation for RPG enthusiasts, Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming title, Avowed, has undergone a significant upgrade by transitioning to Unreal Engine 5.3. This move promises a boost in visual and gameplay quality, aligning with modern gaming standards and player expectations.

Coalition’s Expert Assistance

The migration to the latest Unreal Engine version was made smoother with the expertise provided by The Coalition, a studio well-versed in Unreal Engine intricacies. Their support has been pivotal in ensuring a seamless transition, setting the stage for an optimized gaming experience.

Anticipated Autumn Launch

Mark your calendars — the release of this vibrant role-playing game is slated for the fall of this year, offering gamers an immersive adventure right around the corner. Anticipation is building, and with this new engine powering the game, Avowed is poised to deliver a remarkable RPG experience.

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