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ASUS Launches Long-Awaited ROG Ally X Handheld Console

ASUS Launches Long-Awaited ROG Ally X Handheld Console  image

Bigger, better, and ready to drain your wallet--because who needs money, right?

ASUS has finally unveiled its revamped version of the ROG Ally handheld console. The new model, named ROG Ally X, comes with a battery that is double the size of its predecessor, boasting a hefty 80Wh capacity.

Despite its upgraded battery, the device remains only slightly larger and heavier than the original. Improved cooling systems and high-quality analog sticks that are designed to last longer and can be swapped out if needed make this an attractive option for gamers on the go.

Enhanced Storage Options

One of the standout features of the ROG Ally X is the inclusion of a full-size M.2 2280 PCIe 4 SSD slot, which even supports double-sided drives. So, if storage was a concern for you, worry no more—the expanded slot offers ample space for all your gaming needs.

Goodbye, Proprietary Ports

Another significant update comes in the form of connectivity options. ASUS has ditched the proprietary XG Mobile eGPU port found on previous models in favor of an additional USB-C port with full Thunderbolt 4 support. This change provides more flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of accessories and peripherals.

Improved Card Reader

ASUS has also replaced the old card reader, resolving any previous issues with a more reliable and efficient version.

Pre-orders kick off today, with the ROG Ally X priced at $800. Get ready to open your wallets, gamers!

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