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Astro Bot: The Galactic Expedition

Astro Bot: The Galactic Expedition image

Astro Bot's got a bigger playground, more tricks up his sleeve, and surprise guest stars, because why not?

Astro Bot fans, get ready to explore the cosmos like never before! According to the latest info on the PlayStation Blog, the new installment of Astro Bot will feature not one, not two, but six extensive galaxies to traverse. These galaxies are packed with over 80 unique levels that include vibrant forests, sunny beaches, massive volcanoes, and quirky locations like a gigantic sand clock or the canopy of a musical tree.

This adventure comes with more than 15 brand-new abilities, specifically designed to utilize the unique features of the DualSense controller. You’ll also face off against a whopping 70 new enemies. For those who thrive on difficulty, you’ll relish the many “die-and-try-again” levels.

Cameos Galore and More

The cherry on top? Expect twice as many cameo appearances from beloved PlayStation characters, hinting that they may play more substantial roles this time around.

Prepare yourself, gamers! The next Astro Bot journey is shaping up to be out of this world.

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