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Assetto Corsa EVO Gears Up for Steam Release

Assetto Corsa EVO Gears Up for Steam Release image

Coming soon: Racing sim with classic cars to modern hypercars, new proprietary engine, and VR support.

A fresh title in the simulation racing game series, Assetto Corsa EVO, has now made its appearance on the gaming platform Steam. The hotly anticipated title is set to be released for PC players by the end of this current year, with fans eagerly eyeing its progress.

Enthusiasts have been enticed with dozens of screenshots displaying the game's impressive line-up of vehicles and racing circuits. The game promises a diverse array of motoring favourites, encompassing everything from timeless classics to state-of-the-art hypercars and racing cars.

Assetto Corsa EVO moves beyond its predecessors, rolling out with a brand-new proprietary engine under the hood. This upgraded game engine promises a smoother, more realistic, and immersive gaming experience.

Topping it off, Assetto Corsa EVO plans to enhance the gaming experience to another tier with support for Virtual Reality (VR). This feature aims to provide players with a thrilling, almost-real-life racing adventure.

Keep an eye for further updates as the game charges full steam ahead towards a year-end release.

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