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Among Us Review

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Spacey Suspicion Simulator!

"Among Us" is a multiplayer social deduction game developed by InnerSloth, which burst onto the scene and gained massive popularity in 2020, notably due to its simplicity and the engaging dynamics of mistrust and manipulation among players. Set in a colorful yet eerie spaceship, players are assigned the role of either a "Crewmate" who must complete tasks around the ship or an "Impostor" tasked with sabotaging the ship and eliminating crewmates covertly. This game thrives on the social interactions between players, as crewmates must use their detective skills to identify the impostors before all tasks are completed or they are systematically eliminated. The game supports 4-15 players, making each game unpredictable and uniquely challenging, contingent on the group's dynamic and the strategies of the impostors.

Gameplay 7

"Among Us" gameplay is ingeniously simple yet profoundly deep in its social complexity. Players, as crewmates, are tasked with completing several mini-games styled as tasks around the ship, which range from simple button presses to more engaging puzzles. The core gameplay loop revolves around these tasks and the emergency meetings, which can be called by any player to discuss suspicious behavior and vote out a suspected impostor.

For impostors, the gameplay involves a delicate balance of blending in while strategically sabotaging the ship's operations and eliminating crewmates without drawing suspicion. The thrill of deception and the constant threat of being discovered make playing as an impostor intensely rewarding and nerve-wracking.

Despite its engaging nature, the gameplay can sometimes feel repetitive, especially for those who play as crewmates more frequently. The simplicity of tasks can also become a minor drawback as it doesn't evolve much over time. However, the social interaction and the mind games players engage in add a layer of complexity that keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Graphics 6

The graphic style of "Among Us" is simple with a cartoonish, almost hand-drawn look that emphasizes clarity and function over detailed aesthetics. The character design is minimalist but iconic, which helps in easily identifying other players and remembering their movements and actions during gameplay discussions.

While the environments are not graphically intensive, they are distinct enough to provide a good sense of location and purpose. Each room within the spaceship has a unique layout and set of tasks, contributing to the overall gameplay experience. The visual simplicity ensures that the game runs smoothly across all supported platforms, which is crucial for accessibility and inclusivity.

Among Us image 2

Storyline 3

"Among Us" lacks a traditional storyline or narrative structure, as it is primarily designed as a social deduction game focusing on player interactions. There is no overarching plot or character development, and any backstory to the world is minimal and not directly explored within the game itself.

This absence of a storyline might be seen as a drawback for players who prefer narrative-driven games. However, the narrative void is effectively filled by the stories that players create themselves through their interactions and accusations during each game session, making each round unique and memorable.

Multiplayer 9

The multiplayer aspect of "Among Us" is where the game truly shines. The design encourages communication, deceit, and ultimately a lot of player interaction which creates memorable moments of camaraderie and betrayal. The game supports both local and online multiplayer modes, with the ability to join games with friends or random players.

The voice chat feature, though not natively supported and usually supplemented by third-party applications like Discord, is essential as it elevates the gameplay dynamics to new heights. The debates and discussions that occur during emergency meetings are the heart of the game, often filled with persuasive arguments, deceitful misdirection, and earnest detective work.

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Issues and Community Feedback

Feedback from the "Among Us" community highlights some issues such as occasional connectivity problems and a need for more varied tasks to keep the gameplay feeling fresh. Cheating has also been cited as a problem, with some players using third-party software to gain unfair advantages.

Conclusion 7

"Among Us" offers a compelling multiplayer experience that is built around the core mechanics of trust and deception. It excels in creating tense, fun, and unpredictable gameplay scenarios that keep players coming back. Although it might not boast sophisticated graphics or a deep storyline, its strength lies in the simplicity of its design and the complex human interactions it fosters. This game is a must-try for those who enjoy multiplayer games and the thrill of social manipulation.

Pros and Cons

  • Engaging multiplayer
  • Simple controls
  • Cross-platform play
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Limited graphics
  • No narrative depth

Player Quotes

"I've never been more paranoid and amused at the same time."

"Among Us has taught me trust issues on a spaceship."

"Great game, but beware of the addictive nature!"

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.