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Amazon to Publish New Open-World Racing Game from Playground Games Alumni

Amazon to Publish New Open-World Racing Game from Playground Games Alumni image

Get ready to floor it in a story-driven racer that's definitely not bedtime reading.

Amazon has announced its role as the publisher for an upcoming open-world racing game being developed by Maverick Games, a studio helmed by Mike Brown, the former creative director of Forza Horizon 5. Rather than offering just another racing experience, this new title promises a compelling narrative, thanks to the involvement of Jamie Brittain, one of the minds behind the acclaimed British TV series Skins.

The Team Behind the Game

Maverick Games was formed by a group of developers led by Mike Brown, who previously worked on the beloved Forza Horizon series. Together, they aim to bring innovation and excitement to the genre. With Jamie Brittain handling the story elements, players can expect a richer and more immersive experience compared to traditional racing games.

What to Expect

The game will be available on Xbox Series, PS5, and PC platforms, making it accessible to a broad audience of racing enthusiasts. Given the pedigree of the developers and the publisher, this upcoming release is likely to set new standards in both gameplay and storytelling within the genre.

While further details are still under wraps, anticipation is already building for what promises to be a standout title in the landscape of open-world racing games. Keep your eyes on the road—and the news feed—for more updates!

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