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Amazon Games Launches First European Studio Headed by Ubisoft Veteran

Amazon Games Launches First European Studio Headed by Ubisoft Veteran image

Finally, Amazon realizes Europe exists and pins its hopes on a Ubisoft veteran to lead the charge.

Amazon Games Expands Its Global Reach with New Studio in Bucharest

Amazon Games is making waves in the gaming industry by inaugurating its first-ever European studio, Amazon Games Bucharest. This new addition joins the existing Amazon Games teams located in Montreal, San Diego, and Seattle, marking a significant expansion of the company's global footprint.

The new studio will be under the leadership of Cristian Pana, a seasoned industry professional who previously served as the Managing Director at Ubisoft Bucharest. With over two decades of experience, Pana has a robust portfolio, having worked on prominent titles such as Far Cry, The Division, and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

A Veteran’s Touch: Pana’s Vision for Amazon Games Bucharest

With Pana at the helm, Amazon Games Bucharest is expected to blend innovation with tried-and-true expertise. Known for his dynamic approach and comprehensive industry knowledge, Pana is poised to drive the studio to new heights, leveraging his extensive background to influence upcoming projects.

Counting on Europe's Creative Talent

By establishing a foothold in Europe, Amazon Games aims to harness the rich pool of creative talent available in the region. This strategic move not only boosts the company's competitive edge but also affirms its commitment to expanding its global horizons.

In essence, the opening of Amazon Games Bucharest heralds a new chapter, one that promises exciting developments and groundbreaking games, all steered by a veteran with a proven track record. Keep your eyes peeled, as there’s bound to be much more to come from this promising venture.

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