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Adventure Game Tchia Set to Join Game Pass on July 11th

Adventure Game Tchia Set to Join Game Pass on July 11th image

A tropical journey awaits as Tchia and Neon White prepare to land in your Game Pass library

Video game enthusiasts can look forward to an adventurous treat as Tchia, a title set in an open-world Caribbean island, is speculated to join the Game Pass lineup on the 11th of July. Also joining the ranks on the same day is the game Neon White.

Tchia is a game revolving around the courageous quest of a female protagonist in search of her abducted father. Throughout her journey, she's aided by unique abilities, including a special knack for animating animals and objects. This information comes to us courtesy of eSports insider eXstas1s.

Game Pass subscribers will have access to both Tchia and Neon White from July 11th, adding to the already diverse catalog of games available through the subscription service.

The coming days will determine if these assumptions hold true, installing a Caribbean-flavored gameplay experience into the hearts of eager gamers across the world. Stay tuned for more updates and happy gaming.

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