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Activision Unveils New Studio: Elsewhere Entertainment

Activision Unveils New Studio: Elsewhere Entertainment image

Brace yourselves for more AAA games with overly complicated plots and spin-offs in every imaginable medium, all courtesy of the industry's most highly decorated storytellers.

Activision has just announced the birth of a new game development studio named Elsewhere Entertainment, situated amidst the historical charm and modern hustle of Poland. This studio is revving up to craft a next-gen AAA franchise with a robust narrative. But that's not all; the vision extends beyond just video games, aiming to establish footprints across various media platforms.

The stellar squad at Elsewhere Entertainment includes top-tier storytelling gurus who have honed their chops on major franchises like The Last of Us, Uncharted, The Witcher, Cyberpunk, Destiny, The Division, and Far Cry. Their resumes read like a gamer’s ultimate wish list, making it clear that Activision has gathered an ensemble of the industry's best to steer this ambitious project.

So gear up, because it looks like we're in for a wild multimedia ride that promises to be as expansive as the team’s collective imagination.

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