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"Sea of Thieves" Tops PS5 Download Charts in May

Pirate adventure game "Sea of Thieves" sails to the top in PS5 paid downloads in Europe and North America for May, other popular titles "Grounded" and "Fallout 4" also in the Top 20.

"Sea of Thieves", a popular pirate-themed multiplayer game, ruled the roost on PS5 downloads in May. This addictive game by Rare recorded highest number of paid downloads in both Europe and North America.

"Grounded" and "Fallout 4", two other crowd favourites, also made their way into the Top 20 downloaded games in both these regions. In a month that did not see many notable releases, these titles have managed to keep the gamers engaged with their compelling gameplay and rich narratives.

The soaring popularity of "Sea of Thieves" among the gaming community, and its consistent performance in the downloads chart, underscores its status as one of the must-have gaming experiences on PS5.

Further stats and details regarding downloads of these games will be shared by the official PlayStation site. The figures indicate the growing demand for quality gaming options, and the popularity of paid downloads as a platform for players to access their favourite games.

Whether you are a fan of pirate adventures, survival challenges, or dystopian narratives, these games have proven to be compelling choices for gamers everywhere.

Remember to keep an eye out for new releases and updates in the gaming world, as we bring you all the latest.

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